Steel wall panels have primarily been used in the construction industry for years. The steel framing offers more durability, safer and reliable construction material with a heavy load-bearing capacity.

At RC Steel, we strive to offer dedicated customer service and a quality steel wall framing system to help our customers get going. Whether you need on-site assistance or a supply of lightweight steel products for construction, RC STEEL have got you covered. We focus solely on what our customers wants and how we can cater for their needs.

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We manufacture steel framing systems that are durable and highly versatile. We follow the Australian standards and codes while manufacturing and supplying the materials to our clients. We have what it takes to deliver innovative lightweight gauge steel framing products to your doorstep on time.

We employ the latest engineering programs, software, tools and machinery to design the best quality of all of our steel framing panels and frames. The steel wall and frames are used to create large and spacious internal spaces. Call us today on 03 9357 7744 or 04 2308 3667.

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What Makes RC STEEL Services Different?

RC Steel has the best state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and access to technologically resources in Melbourne. We offer durable and sustainable lightweight gauge steel wall panels for both residential and commercial construction projects. From steel wall frames to steel roof trusses, we have a continuous supply of factory-finished steel construction products that meet the specifications provided to us by our customers.

We have a selection of tailored and cost-effective steel frames in Melbourne. The next time you’re looking for comprehensive lightweight gauge steel structural solutions for your next project, you know you can count on us.

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